August 3, 2021

Contact: Rachel Rosen,

DMFI PAC Congratulates OH-11 Candidates for Hard-Fought Races

Washington, D.C. (August 3, 2021) — DMFI PAC Chairman, Mark Mellman, released the following statement today:

“We congratulate former State Senator Nina Turner on her victory in Ohio’s 11th Congressional District special primary election to succeed former Representative Marcia Fudge. We look forward to working with Ms. Turner as a member of Congress next year. Unlike our Republican opponents, we Democrats respect the will of the people, and Democrats in the 11th District have clearly expressed their will.

“We also congratulate Councilwoman Shontel Brown on running a strong and inspiring campaign. Councilwoman Brown earned DMFI PAC’s endorsement in February through her outstanding leadership as a councilmember and her commitment to advancing President Biden’s agenda, which includes strong support for the U.S.-Israel relationship.

“Just weeks ago, Ms. Turner enjoyed a 35-point lead by her own account and others. DMFI PAC’s advertising began at that point, and multiple polls showed it — along with the Brown campaign’s energetic efforts — closed the gap to single digits going into the last week.

“While Ms. Turner is the victor tonight, there is no question she paid a significant price for attacking President Biden and the U.S.-Israel relationship in a district whose Democrats love the president and consider themselves “pro-Israel” by a larger-than-40-point margin (55% pro-Israel, 13% not pro-Israel, and 32% no opinion), according to our polling.

“Other candidates who try to learn from this race will have to conclude that being an extreme foe of Israel or harsh critic of Joe Biden is not the way to win. Most candidates don’t have 30 points to lose or the ability to outspend their opponents by over two-to-one.”

DMFI PAC played a vital role in supporting pro-Israel Democrats during the 2020 general election cycle, backing winners in the contest for president, as well as in 83 House and Senate races. With this defeat, our candidates won 27 of 29 Democratic primaries.