Today, DMFI PAC announced three new endorsements for the 2024 Democratic congressional primary season. The endorsees include former Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari (AZ-03), renowned journalist John Avlon (NY-01), and small business and nonprofit leader Rebecca Cooke (WI-03).

“We’re thrilled to endorse three promising Democratic candidates from wildly different backgrounds vying to represent three wildly different districts who are united in their commitment to the Democratic agenda, including strong support for the U.S.-Israel relationship,” said DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman. “These pro-Israel candidates are playing a crucial role in maintaining our party’s support for the U.S.-Israel alliance and in retaking the House majority from extreme MAGA Republicans.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of DMFI PAC,” said Yassamin Ansari (AZ-03). “With my background in foreign policy, diplomacy, and bringing people together, I look forward to working towards shared progressive, Democratic ideals.”

John Avlon (NY-01) said, “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of DMFI PAC. I believe it’s essential that there is broad bipartisan support for the state of Israel. I also believe the struggle of our time is between democracy and autocracy. That’s why America must always stand with our fellow democracies and against tyrants and terrorists.”

“Bottom Line: We must always stand with our friends and allies in Israel,” added Avlon.

“I am grateful to earn support from DMFI PAC, an organization integrally important to advancing democracy and global security,” said Rebecca Cook (WI-03). “In Congress, I look forward to working together to foster and build upon the strong U.S.-Israel relationship.”

All three candidates are facing Democratic primary opponents who would not be pro-Israel champions in Congress. If selected by Democratic voters, John Avlon (NY-01) and Rebecca Cooke (WI-03) would both vie to flip their districts from Red to Blue in November, while Yassamin Ansari (AZ-03), who was the first Iranian American elected to public office in the state of Arizona, would be just the second Iranian American elected to Congress and the first to represent Arizona.

More about DMFI PAC

In the 2021-22 election cycle, DMFI PAC-endorsed candidates won more than 80% of their races, helping bring 21 new pro-Israel Democrats to the 118th Congress. Some 77% of its independent expenditure dollars last cycle supported candidates of color.

In addition to the candidates endorsed today, DMFI PAC has endorsed 107 pro-Israel Democrats, including 85 members of Congress. Additional endorsements will follow.