Who We Are

DMFI PAC works to elect pro-Israel Democrats to Congress and defeat those few anti-Israel Democrats in primaries. Engaging in both primaries and general elections, DMFI PAC helped elect 83 pro-Israel Members of Congress in the 2020 cycle and was the first pro-Israel group to endorse Joe Biden during the 2020 primary. In the face of increasing dark money being spent on behalf of Republicans and fringe anti-Israel candidates, it is more critical than ever that DMFI PAC exists and is capable of fending off those threats from both sides. At DMFI PAC, we know that being pro-Israel isn’t only good policy, it’s good politics and central to Democrats winning tough races across the country.

Democrats on Israel

The Democratic Party has had a long, proud history of supporting the U.S.-Israel relationship that has endured for more than 70 years, grounded in our shared values and common interests.

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