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Released June 18, 2020

Released June 10, 2020

DMFI Pac is running a digital ad supporting Representative Eliot Engel. Engel is a pro-Israel champion who plays a vital role as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and supports key progressive policy measures like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and a $15 minimum wage.


Released February 15, 2020

Released January 29, 2020

Why did DMFI PAC release ads raising serious questions about Senator Bernie Sanders’s ability to defeat Donald Trump?

First, DMFI PAC believes defeating Donald Trump is of paramount importance for the future of our country. In the PAC’s view, nominating Bernie Sanders will make it significantly less likely that a Democrat will prevail in November.

That conclusion is bolstered by expert political judgement, as well as by polling data showing Sanders and his self-described socialist label both doing less well in key swing states and presenting a package of attributes which general election voters find unappealing.

Second, we have seen a troubling pattern emerge as Senator Sanders, and those around him, continue to be uniquely hostile on the Israel issues central to our mission. While Sanders is Jewish, regularly claims to be “100% pro-Israel,” and has voted correctly on some key legislation, he has, among many other things:

a. Used hyperbolic, vituperative and hostile language  designed to stigmatize Israel.

b.Made clear that he believes the U.S. should not have a special relationship with Israel.

c. Gave official positions in his campaign to individuals well known for making antisemitic statements. We communicated with his campaign privately about those choices and received no response except the appointment of more officials with records of antisemitism. Worse, when one of those individuals made antisemitic remarks while serving as an official of the Sanders campaign, he refused to condemn the remarks, or even distance himself from the remarks, despite our entreaties, both private and, eventually, public.

d. Called for aid to Israel, committed by the Obama Administration, to be reduced with the difference sent to Hamas controlled Gaza instead.

e. A Sanders nomination would also endanger Democrats up and down the ballot, making it harder to take back the Senate and to hold the House.

As many observed in the recent U.K. election, these kinds of positions could have an extremely deleterious impact on our party’s electoral prospects.

Were he to win the nomination, DMFI PAC believes the floodgates would be opened to anti-Israel activities and positions throughout the party.