DMFI PAC congratulates all of its endorsees who competed in primary elections last night. DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman issued the following statement:

“We congratulate 10 of DMFI PAC’s endorsees in California on advancing to the general election, as well as DMFI PAC endorsed candidate Robert Menendez, Jr. on winning his Democratic primary election in New Jersey.

“We are proud to have supported these pro-Israel Democrats, including key leaders in California’s congressional delegation, such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Alex Padilla, and Chairman Adam Schiff. We were also thrilled to support three California candidates for the House of Representatives with independent expenditure campaigns. We look forward to our endorsed candidates winning their general election races as well.”

“As DMFI PAC continues to rack up victories, with more than 20 wins in the 2022 midterm primary cycle, it’s increasingly clear that being pro-Israel is not just wise policy — it’s good politics.”

DMFI PAC was proud to support Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, State Sen. Sydney Kamlager, and Assemblyman Kevin Mullin with multifaceted independent expenditure campaigns. Though many votes remain to be counted, all three of these candidates are currently in first place in their respective races.

Tuesday’s DMFI PAC-endorsed primary candidates who will advance to the general election include:

DMFI PAC endorsees who are currently leading their races, though there are many more votes to be counted: 

DMFI PAC played a vital role in supporting pro-Israel Democrats since its inception, backing President Biden, as well as victors in 83 House and Senate races last cycle.