The PAC’s opposition research, earned media campaign, and targeted outreach were critical to defeating Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Following results from Democratic primaries in New York and Colorado, DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman released the following statement:

“Tonight, Democratic voters in New York’s 16th Congressional District resoundingly rejected incumbent Congressman Jamaal Bowman’s politics of division, choosing instead a progressive pro-Israel champion in George Latimer — and we are thrilled to congratulate him on his momentous victory.

“Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Latimer has prioritized serving his constituents with honor and integrity, and we’re confident that will continue when he is elected in November.

“Congressman Bowman made anti-Israelism the centerpiece of his campaign in a deep-blue district, and his constituents voted to oust him in favor of George Latimer, who earned our endorsement with his strong support for the U.S.-Israel relationship and the broader Biden-Harris agenda.

“Like other races this cycle, George Latimer’s victory and Jamaal Bowman’s defeat demonstrate in dramatic fashion our long-time contention that being pro-Israel is not just wise policy, but also winning politics.

“These results also validate President Biden’s vision of a mainstream and inclusive Democratic Party, as well as the Biden-Latimer approach — bringing people together to achieve important results like the infrastructure law that is rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, and water systems.

“Our polling of the 16th District showed that Congressman Bowman was deeply out of touch with his constituents: By 59% to 28%, we found that Democratic primary voters in NY-16 approve of President Biden’s handling of the war between Israel and Hamas, while 62% prefer that the U.S. side with Israel in the war.

“DMFI PAC’s efforts played a significant role in tonight’s results thanks to a sustained earned media campaign and a highly targeted paid media campaign:

“Following DMFI PAC’s targeted campaign, our polling showed Latimer’s vote share increase 14 points among Black voters and 12 points among Hispanics.

“Along with George Latimer, we also congratulate all of our winning endorsees, a number of whom will be running against Republicans in competitive districts, including Rep. Yadira Caraveo (CO-08), Adam Frisch (CO-03), Laura Gillen (NY-04), Josh Riley (NY-19), Rep. Tom Suozzi (NY-03), and John Avlon (NY-01).

“We congratulate the following DMFI PAC endorsees for advancing to November’s General Election: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-SEN), Leader Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08), Reps. Adriano Espaillat (NY-13), Dan Goldman (NY-10), Tim Kennedy (NY-26), Greg Meeks (NY-05), Grace Meng (NY-06), Joe Morelle (NY-25), Brittany Pettersen (CO-07), and Pat Ryan (NY-18).”

More about DMFI PAC

In the 2021-22 election cycle, DMFI PAC-endorsed candidates won more than 80% of their races, helping bring 21 new pro-Israel Democrats to the 118th Congress. Some 77% of its independent expenditure dollars last cycle supported candidates of color. A full list of DMFI PAC endorsees is available here.