Following President Biden’s overwhelming victory in tonight’s Michigan presidential primary, DMFI PAC congratulated him on his decisive win.

“Tonight, President Biden trounced his opposition, defeating uncommitted by a massive margin of some 65 points. In light of Biden’s overwhelming victory, earning a margin some 50% greater than Trump’s, it’s bizarre to hear pundits drone on about Donald Trump’s dominant position in his party while warning Biden about trouble in his. In truth, Michigan Democrats sent a clear message: it’s time to unite behind President Biden and stop Donald Trump from destroying our democracy,” said Mark Mellman, DMFI PAC Chairman.

“Despite a well-organized and much publicized campaign, uncommitted only did about 3 percentage points better against Biden than it did against Barack Obama in 2012 when no one was even urging an uncommitted vote. Moreover, Obama went on to win Michigan by 9 points in the general election.”

“For all his accomplishments, from holding down drug costs, to rebuilding our roads and bridges, to bringing manufacturing jobs home and for supporting Israel and Ukraine, President Biden deserves reelection and our nation’s thanks.”