DMFI PAC Chairman, Mark Mellman, released the following statement tonight:

“We are thrilled to congratulate Councilwoman Shontel Brown on her stunning upset primary victory tonight, and we are proud to have supported her successful campaign for the Democratic nomination in Ohio’s 11th District.

“This is a tremendous victory, not only for Councilwoman Brown personally, but also for the pro-Biden-Harris, pro-Israel majority in the Democratic Party. Our polling in this district revealed that Democratic primary voters there consider themselves pro-Israel by a larger-than-40-point margin (55% pro-Israel, 13% not pro-Israel, 32% no opinion).

“Councilwoman Brown earned DMFI PAC’s endorsement in February through her unwavering commitment to Democratic priorities, including working with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Speaker Pelosi to recover from the COVID pandemic, achieve universal health care, address gun violence, and continue the Democratic Party’s proud tradition of supporting the U.S.-Israel relationship.

“Shontel Brown’s victory, as a champion of the U.S.-Israel relationship, reaffirms that being pro-Israel is good politics as well as wise policy. Most Democrats support a strong U.S.-Israel alliance, based on both our shared values and our shared interests.

“In supporting Councilwoman Brown’s candidacy, DMFI PAC was honored to stand with distinguished company including the Congressional Black Caucus, and its Chair Joyce Beatty, the United Autoworkers Union, the American Federation of Teachers, The United Steelworkers Union, House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn, Chairman Gregory Meeks, Chairman Bennie Thompson, and Secretary Hillary Clinton, among others.

“DMFI PAC’s efforts in this race played a substantial role in educating voters and building momentum for Shontel Brown. Prior to DMFI PAC’s involvement, Turner led by more than 30 points in several polls. Just after our ads aired, highlighting Brown’s achievements and Turner’s own words, Brown closed the gap to the low single digits. Our multifaceted campaign using television, digital, mail, phones, and other tools, continued through election day. DMFI PAC’s spending on this campaign nearly equaled the expenditures of the Brown campaign itself.”

DMFI PAC played a vital role in supporting pro-Israel Democrats during the 2020 election cycle, backing winners in the contest for president — as well as in 83 House and Senate races — and, with tonight’s victory, winning 28 of 29 primary elections in which we were involved.