Suozzi recently returned from a wartime trip to Israel where he toured communities brutalized by Hamas

Today, DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman announced the endorsement of Tom Suozzi in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, ahead of the February special election:

“We are delighted to endorse Tom Suozzi, who will be a passionate and pragmatic Democratic voice in Congress. Suozzi will search for common ground to solve people’s problems and embrace — as he long has — the proud pro-Israel tradition of our party,” said DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman. “After George Santos’ disastrous tenure, Suozzi will restore integrity and exert honest, effective leadership for Long Islanders. We need Tom Suozzi’s deep experience, his extensive record of getting things done, and his forthright pro-Israel approach in Congress.”

Tom Suozzi added, “DMFI PAC does the important work of supporting strong, outspoken, pro-Israel Democrats. I am proud to be counted as one. I am a Zionist and my support is unequivocal. I look forward to getting back to Washington and working hard to guarantee the continued bipartisan support of Israel during the challenging days ahead.”

Tom Suozzi recently returned from a visit to Israel with Todd Richman, Board Co-Chair of DMFI PAC’s separate sister organization, Democratic Majority for Israel. They met with the parents of Long Island-born IDF servicemember Omer Neutra, a tank commander who was captured by Hamas and whose parents live in the 3rd District. Suozzi expressed solidarity and support for Israel’s effort to dismantle Hamas and toured Kfar Aza where more than 60 people were massacred by Hamas terrorists on October 7th.

During his previous tenure in Congress, Suozzi spoke out strongly against antisemitism, fought for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, and stood up to condemn the anti-Israel members of the Democratic Party. He pressed for tough approaches to those threatening America and Israel, including Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah.

More about DMFI PAC

DMFI PAC has played a vital role in supporting pro-Israel Democrats since its inception, backing winners in the contest for President and key Senate and House races. During the 2022 Midterm Election cycle, DMFI PAC helped bring 21 brand-new pro-Israel Democrats to the 118th Congress — with over 80% of its endorsed candidates winning their races — and helped defeat anti-Israel candidates. Some 77% of the PAC’s spending supported candidates of color.