DMFI PAC congratulates President Biden and all its congressional endorsees in California, North Carolina, and Texas on their Democratic primary wins on Super Tuesday. DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman released the following statement:

“With overwhelming victories in some 13 states from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Democratic voters made it clear on Super Tuesday that they are sticking with President Biden and Vice President Harris and are ready to unite behind them to defeat Donald Trump in November.

“Ignoring misleading media narratives, Democrats also strongly backed pro-Israel candidates and DMFI PAC endorsees. In the Senate primaries in California, Rep. Adam Schiff emerged victorious over his opponents, including Rep. Barbara Lee, who made an immediate, permanent ceasefire that would leave Hamas in control of Gaza a central theme of her campaign. We congratulate Rep. Schiff, who will advance to the General Elections in November.

“In Texas’ 7th District, Rep. Lizzie Fletcher — a proud pro-Israel champion in Congress — trounced Pervez Agwan, who raised over $1.5 million and made anti-Israelism a central pillar of his message. Democratic primary voters rejected his platform, which included support for the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and opposition to U.S. military aid for Israel. Congresswoman Fletcher’s vast 48-point margin makes it clear there is little support for an anti-Israel agenda among Democratic primary voters.

“We’re also pleased to support pro-Israel champions and DMFI PAC endorsees like Reps. Don Davis (NC-01) and Valerie Foushee (NC-04), whose 2022 primary victories DMFI PAC helped ensure, as they advance to the November election. Super Tuesday’s results emphasize once again that, despite a common media narrative, being pro-Israel is not only wise policy, but it’s also winning politics.”

DMFI PAC ran several Independent Expenditure campaigns, including digital and print ads targeting voters in the California Senate race and in TX-07.

More about DMFI PAC

DMFI PAC has played a vital role in supporting pro-Israel Democrats since its inception, backing winners in the contest for President and key Senate and House races. During the 2022 Midterm Election cycle, DMFI PAC helped bring 21 brand-new pro-Israel Democrats to the 118th Congress — with over 80% of its endorsed candidates winning their races — and helped defeat anti-Israel candidates. Some 77% of the PAC’s spending supported candidates of color.