In response to a new ad from Nina Turner, DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman released the following statement:

In her latest negative ad, Nina Turner does not refute a single fact contained in DMFI PAC’s ad about her harsh attacks on Secretary Clinton and President Biden, or her opposition to the Democratic Party platform. She doesn’t even try, because she can’t. Every statement in our ad is true.

In the closing days of the 2016 election, Turner appeared on MSNBC and emphasized that she would not support Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, stating, ‘I am not backing anybody in this general election, let me make that clear right away.’ Instead of throwing her full support behind the Democratic ticket and uniting against Donald Trump, Nina Turner turned her back on Democrats — and Ohioans — when they needed her to help stop Donald Trump.

In the summer of 2020, Turner again bashed our nominee, telling the Atlantic that the choice between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden was ‘like saying to somebody, “You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.” It’s still shit.’

Weeks later, Nina Turner tweeted she was ‘voting Hell No on @DNC Platform,’ even as it called for building on Obamacare, raising the minimum wage, combatting climate change, and maintaining a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

Despite her vague claims, Nina Turner’s record is clear. Instead of uniting the party to stop Trump, Turner refused to endorse Clinton, attacked Biden, and voted against the entire Democratic Party platform.

Councilwoman Shontel Brown will work with the Biden-Harris Administration and Speaker Pelosi to advance the Democratic agenda, which includes a strong U.S.-Israel alliance.