In response to J Street’s inaccurate assertions about Democratic Majority for Israel and DMFI PAC, DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman issued the following statement:

“Unlike J Street, DMFI is explicitly committed to advancing the interests of the Democratic party and to defeating Donald Trump.

“DMFI is independent of any other organizations and its leadership has spent lifetimes in the trenches helping Democrats. Like many other Democrats, we believe that Senator Sanders will not be able to defeat Trump, and his nomination would put Democratic candidates at risk up and down the ballot and across the country.

“We have been crystal clear that we also have problems with Senator Sanders’s views on Israel and his refusal to disassociate himself from antisemitic statements made by individuals he appointed to official positions in his campaign.

“If J Street really cared about the Democratic Party, the U.S.-Israel relationship or combatting antisemitism, they would join us, instead of protecting Senator Sanders and lying about DMFI’s positions and so-called partnerships.

“Irrespective of J Street’s false assertions, DMFI strongly supports a two-state solution and has criticized far-right Israeli government policies. Indeed, unlike the armchair critics at J Street, DMFI PAC’s president has actually worked to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu.”