LATEST DEM FEUD TO WATCH — Jewish Insider’s Matthew Kassel has picked up on a really juicy dynamic playing out in Democratic districts across the country: a war between Justice Democrats and Democratic Majority for Israel. Per Kassel, the faceoff between the two groups is “unusually personal” and “has animated several high-profile contests in recent cycles, particularly amid growing divisions between the hard left and moderates over Israel.”

We saw this playing out last week in the election-night speeches of SHONTEL BROWN, who benefited from contributions from pro-Israel groups and thanked “my Jewish brothers and sisters,” and NINA TURNER, who complained about “evil money” from outside groups. The Democratic Majority for Israel super PAC spent nearly $1 million to boost Brown.

Get a load of this lede: “In the summer of 2020, GEORGETTE GÓMEZ, the former president of the San Diego City Council who was then running for Congress in Southern California, found herself in an untenable position. Months into a competitive runoff battle against a well-funded opponent, Gómez was at risk of losing a crucial fundraising lifeline from Justice Democrats … over her unequivocal support for Israel. Making matters even more strained was a recent endorsement from Democratic Majority for Israel …

“Gómez, for her part, was in a unique bind — not least because DMFI’s president and CEO, MARK MELLMAN, is a veteran Democratic pollster whose firm was employed by her campaign. … Justice Democrats presented Gómez with an extraordinary ultimatum … Fire Mellman, she was told by Justice Democrats, or lose their support. Gómez refused, and the group all but officially revoked its endorsement while putting an end to active fundraising and promotional efforts — likely contributing to her double-digit loss in the general election.”